Adoption Grants & Loans

Financial Help for Adoptive Parents in Colorado, Oklahoma, and New York

Adoption can be expensive, but you do not have to let finances stand in the way of your dream. There are grants and loans available to adoptive parents, and we have compiled a list of several potential sources of financing that could help you expand your family. There are also tax benefits to consider, which our attorneys can discuss with you.

Learn more about adoption grants and loans available in Colorado by reviewing the information below, or contact us to discuss your needs.

Adoption Grants

Click on the following links to learn more about adoption grants and how to apply:

  • 6 Tips for Adoption Grant Applications: Helpful tips for completing adoption grant applications.
  • Fund Your Adoption: Awards grants to hopeful adoptive parents regardless of income, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or age. Grants are awarded quarterly. $20 application fee.
  • Gift of Adoption: Grant funds can be used for international or domestic adoption. A home study from a licensed and accredited adoption agency must be started to apply. This organization prioritizes preventing siblings from being separated, special needs children, foster children, and those in need of medical care. $50 application fee, adoptive parents can apply 3 times.
  • Help Us Adopt: Grants are awarded based on commitment to adoption. Couples still trying to conceive need not apply. Completed, approved, and current home study required with application. Grants up to $7,500 are awarded quarterly to adoptive parents regardless of race, ethnicity, age, or sexual orientation. No application fee.
  • The Buescher Foundation: This foundation specialized in domestic American adoptions. A personal statement and “look book” will help show your commitment to the adoption process. A completed home study is required for application. Grants are awarded quarterly.
  • Life Song for Orphans: Christian church-based funding for those passionate about international or domestic adoption. This is a matching grant where for each dollar raised is matched. Interest-free loans are also offered. Referral from a church leader and a completed home study are required. No application fee.
  • Katelyn’s Fund: A Christian ministry who awards funds based on need. Application requires a completed home study, statement of faith, and photo of adopted family. Applications must be submitted within 45 days of placement of child for domestic adoption. No application fee.
  • Laurel’s Message: Grants are awarded to adoptees needing post-placement therapeutic support, international adoption, and families who have welcomed children with significant medical needs. A home study is required. Grants awarded based on personal statements.
  • Both Hands: Fundraising based grant. Grants are earned by coordinating a day of volunteering help for a local widow. Adoptive parents are responsible for gathering supplies (paint, cleaners, yard tools) for helping a widow. The adoptive parents form a fundraising team who requests a one-day sponsorship for the event. Proceeds are used for cost of adoption, church adoption funds, or orphan care initiatives. Apply with completed home study.
  • Adopt Together: Crowdfunding based grant. Adoptive parents create profile page with a brief personal statement and photo. The profile can be shared with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, or email. Completed home study required.
  • Sparrow Fund: While primarily offering a medical review grant for adoptive parents, the sparrow fund offers pre-adoption marital assessments and free training sessions with attachment coaching. This is a great resource for couples to experience healthy dialog about adoption, expectations, and growth areas while preparing to adopt. Completed home study required.

Adoption Loans

Click on the following links to learn more about adoption loans that may be available to you:

  • Abba Fund: Offering more than $2.5 million in funds for interest-free adoption loans, the ABBA Fund helps Christian adoptive families overcome any obstacle in the final costs of adoption.
  • America’s Christian Credit Union: Prioritizing in community development and financial strength, America’s Christian Credit Union, a not-for-profit credit union, assists those looking for lower loan rates and extending God’s ministries.
  • Avant: Avant has helped over 600,000 customers achieve a personal loan; with the click of a button, you can be one of those on your way to a financially easy navigable adoption.
  • Best Egg: For adoptive families looking for a loan platform that has received an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, this is the website to visit; if approved for a Best Egg loan, your money can be in your bank account in as little as one business day!
  • Elements Financial: With a combined $16.4 million saved compared to customers elsewhere, Elements Financial can help you financially in every step of the adoption process.
  • Entrust: Founded on Christian principles, Entrust Financial Credit Union strives to provide members with the utmost opportunities to have a happy and easy adoption process.
  • Hebrew Free Loan Association: Within a deep community, these zero-interest loans offered by the Hebrew Free Loan Association help those located in Northern California looking to have an adoption process who are facing serious financial challenges.
  • Jewish Free Loan Association: Available to all Los Angeles County Residents, the Jewish Free Loan Association lends their assistance to people in need, interest-fee, helping to make the adoption process as stress-free as possible.
  • Lifesong For Orphans: Lifesong helps those who are looking to adopt but have financial strains keeping them from doing so. This adoption fundraising website will lend its hand in the financial process.
  • LightStream: LightStream, comprised of low rates and great service, allots a section of their website specifically to the costs and payments of adoption expenses.
  • National Adoption Foundation: Offering several adoption loans and grants, the National Adoption Foundation’s goals include granting wishes for adoptive families every day, one step at a time.
  • Pathways For Little Feet: Pathways is a passionate Christ-centered 501(c)(3) organization looking to provide sustainable care for orphans, all done through financial assistance.
  • This online service allows families to get a loan ranging from $1,000-$35,000. A simple and short online loan request is all that’s necessary to get started.
  • Upstart: Adoptive families looking to pay their loan off at any time should venture to this site; in 3 quick steps, families can apply, accept, and receive their money the next day.
  • Prosper Healthcare Lending: A healthy alternative to high-cost credit cards, Prosper has no practice fees, offers unlimited support, and affordable loans to adoptive families.
  • SoFi: SoFi has no hidden fees with each loan; with a 0.125% rate discount and access to live customer support 7 days a week, adoptive families can be a click away from incurring financial stress.

More Financial Support

Click on the following links to learn more about adoption financial support that may be available to you:

  • Employer Provided Adoption Benefits: ask your employer about adoption benefits!
  • Adoption Friendly Workplace: an initiative led by Dave Thomas of Wendy's, advocating for better adoption benefits in the workplace.
  • Adoption Tax Credit: please check with your tax accountant for most current adoption tax credit details.
  • Military Family Subsidies: National Military Family Association, Inc. or call Phone: (703) 931-6632.

  • Mortgage and Credit Based Adoption Loans: make sure to check with your banks loan officer regarding adoption loans.

For more information on adoption and your financial options, call (303) 756-4673.

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