How Intended Parents and Surrogates are Matched

How Intended Parents and Surrogates are Matched

Now that you’ve decided on surrogacy, you’ve taken the first step in having your dreams realized. You are closer to having the family you’ve always wanted, and have been striving towards. The next step is being matched with a surrogate, who will carry your child.

The thought of having a complete stranger carry, grow and deliver your baby may be intimidating. It’s perfectly natural to feel this way. However, here at Surrogacy Choices we ensure that each intended parent(s) and surrogate pairing are matched according to what is the best fit. After all, both intended parent(s) and surrogate are about to embark on a very important and emotional journey together.

Extensive Screening Process

There is an extensive process that intended parents must go through in order to be matched with a surrogate. It begins with the application. This allows us the first glimpse of what you’re like, why you’re interested in surrogacy, and how we can best fit your needs. Once the application is submitted, our staff carefully reviews it and answers any questions you may have throughout the process.

The second piece for intended parents is to sign an agreement with your chosen agency, which outlines all necessary roles and responsibilities of all parties. This agreement establishes a promise that everything will be handled with the utmost care and attention.

Next is the background check. Everyone must be in line with our ethical and legal requirements before going further into the surrogacy process; thus, completing a background check is an absolute must. It will review your criminal and child abuse history, and ensure that no additional steps are necessary depending what state you reside in.

Following this, intended parents must undergo a medical evaluation. Per the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines, we are required to screen your detailed medical history and physical exam results. This comprehensive testing and screening portion of the process is handled by the IVF clinic.

The Matching Process

In order for us to successfully match intended parents with an appropriate carrier, the surrogate must go through an extensive screening process herself. She is asked to fill out an extensive profile and include photos, then undergo her own set of background and medical record checks, and a separate psychological screening. Through this, we assess her overall readiness to become a surrogate. Surrogacy Choices then conducts a home study.

After the surrogate has successfully completed these steps and been approved, the matching process can begin. All of our potential gestational surrogates remain anonymous until an official match has been made.

Matching Intended Parents with Surrogates

As an agency, we work diligently to connect intended parents with a surrogate who best fits their surrogacy plan. We want to ensure that everyone remains happy and feels supported during and after the surrogacy process. Helping to build a positive and supportive relationship between the surrogate and intended parents is extremely important to us.

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