Children’s Books about Gestational Surrogacy

Children’s Books about Gestational Surrogacy

A question that may pop up in your matching process with a gestational carrier is, “How will you explain surrogacy to your son or daughter?” This is an important thought, and one that many gestational carriers tend to ask. As an intended parent, you’ll want to be prepared to answer this, particularly since gestational surrogacy is a lifelong journey. That, and your child will no doubt ask where he or she came from as they grow.

Virginia Frank strongly encourages reading to your baby as they grow. Finding good children’s books about gestational surrogacy will help your baby become familiar with the word, and let them know that surrogacy is a viable way to create a family. Here are some of our recommendations:

1. Sophia’s Broken Crayons: A Story of Surrogacy from a Young Child’s Perspective

Written by Crystal Falk

Sophia’s Broken Crayons explains the story of surrogacy in an easy-to-understand, practical way for young children between the ages of 2 to 6 years old. It answers questions like: why can’t everyone have a baby? Why would someone choose to become a surrogate? and How does surrogacy help grow a family?The story begins with a little girl named Sophia, who becomes heartbroken after discovering all of her crayons have been broken. She then experiences her parents choosing to give the gift of surrogacy to their friends. It’s a wonderful and heartwarming children’s book about gestational surrogacy, learning to share and helping out friends in need.

2. Your Tummy Time: A Surrogacy Story

Written by Natalie Padgen, Illustrated by Debbie Hester

Your Tummy Time provides a unique opportunity for you to handwrite the names of your child and gestational carrier throughout the story, as well as insert family photos. It is specially designed to turn into your child’s story, and helps promote positive messages about surrogacy as a whole. So, if you are looking for a book that will become an unforgettable piece of your family history, this is a great pick!

3. The Very Kind Koala: A Surrogacy Story for Children

Written by Kimberly Kluger-Bell

The Very Kind Koala is a charming picture book that provides a simple way to introduce surrogacy. It tells the story of a young koala bear couple, who need the help of another koala to carry their baby in her pouch. Through this positive children’s book about gestational surrogacy, parents can begin a discussion with their young toddler, and teach them about how he or she came to be. It’s a perfect book choice for children ages 3 and up.

4. The Twin Kangaroo Treasure Hunt: A Gay Parenting Story

Written by Carmen Martinez Jover, Illustrated by Rosemary Martinez

The Twin Kangaroo Treasure Hunt features the story of Jack and Sam, a gay kangaroo couple, who are looking to grow their family through an egg donor and surrogacy. So, they set off on a treasure hunt and find their twins. Through their story, children are able to learn about one of the methods involved in the surrogacy process in a sweet, loving and simple way.

5. Surrogacy Helps Make a Family Grow

Written by Sharon LaMothe and Tina Rella

Surrogacy Helps Make a Family Grow begins with a family walk through the park. The three children -- Tony, Erika and Jessica -- were having a wonderful time when they noticed a couple sitting alone on a nearby bench looking very sad. Mom and Dad come over and they choose to help the couple grow their family through gestational surrogacy.This children’s book about gestational surrogacy is a wonderful educational tool that helps children understand the powerful gift behind the surrogacy journey, and explains what mothers go through.

Children’s Books about Gestational Surrogacy

One of the ways you can introduce your child’s surrogacy birth story is through reading to them. Even though they may not understand or fully comprehend in their infancy, having you read aloud helps your baby with their brain development. With each word, they begin to form their vocabulary bank and build their listening and memory skills. This, in turn, teaches them about communication. As a bonus, reading creates a special bonding experience between you and your child.

We hope that the above options give you a good start on explaining surrogacy to your baby. Please know that this list is non-exhaustive. If you know of other books that are helpful, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments.

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