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Surrogacy offers an alternative means for an individual or couple to become parents. Whether for medical reasons or otherwise, some mothers cannot conceive. A surrogate can carry the baby for the intended parents, helping to fulfill their dreams of expanding their family. Surrogacy also presents legal and financial complications, which is why we recommend involving a skilled Colorado and Oklahoma surrogacy lawyer to guide you. Over the last 26 years, Virginia has limited her practice to the sole focus of Adoption and Surrogacy Law. Virginia Frank, Adoption & Surrogacy Attorney, has experience helping intended parents and surrogates navigate the surrogacy process from start to finish.

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About Surrogacy

infant with parentsSurrogacy has been growing in popularity as a means for couples and single people, known as intended parents, to build their families. Gestational surrogacy (in which the woman, the gestational carrier, who acts as the surrogate has no biological relationship to the child she is pregnant with) has become the norm, although traditional surrogacy agreements, in which the surrogate is the biological mother of the child, are still seen from time to time.

Practicing in the area of Reproductive Technology Law, our Colorado and Oklahoma surrogacy attorneys know that decisions can be overwhelming when it comes to all the exciting new options available in medical advances in assisted reproductive technology parenthood. This includes the representative of intended parents, gestational parents, egg donors, sperm donors, embryo donations, and designated surrogacy.

Who is a good candidate for becoming a surrogate?

Someone considering becoming a surrogate should meet the following minimum requirements: good physical and medical health, parenting a child or children who were born to you, no more than two previous C-sections and no more than five previous births, willing to take medication and attend doctors appointments, living in a safe and financially stable environment.

Surrogacy Resources

Surrogacy law, whether by statute or case law, is constantly evolving and changing. The laws are different from state to state, and sometimes even from county to county.

You can find specific information on surrogacy here.

Full-Service Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

For those whose ART services are needed in Colorado, we offer several amenities:

  • Our office is six blocks from the courthouse. We can walk all of your paperwork over to the court and file in person (no mail to wait on like other attorneys).
  • We have social workers that work directly with our office where they can accompany intended parents to Vital Records or go to the hospital and handhold clients at birth and discharge (this is great for clients who do not speak English or for whom English is their second language).
  • Our office is available 24/7 and all-around access to our attorneys. Our office will answer emails, phone calls, and texts in the mornings, evenings, and weekends, as needed.

Emotional & Financial Costs

Our Colorado and Oklahoma surrogacy lawyers are especially sensitive to the emotional and financial costs of the process. We understand that this is an emotional, life-changing experience and we approach each client with compassion and an understanding that each situation is unique. We will discuss with you in detail the pros and cons of adoption versus donation and surrogacy from a legal and practical standpoint.

The expenses vary, particularly with regard to medical costs, including whether donor ova are needed, the number of IVF cycles needed for the surrogate to become pregnant, and any medical costs not covered by insurance.

Legal Responsibilities

Once you have found a gestational surrogate or an egg, sperm, or embryo donor, our attorneys can draft or review the donation or surrogacy agreement you will need to protect your rights and ensure that you can establish parentage of your child. In gestational surrogacy, we can perform the legal work to obtain the pre-birth order of parentage and birth certificate, or the adoption, to establish you as the legal parent of the child. If you need to be matched with a gestational carrier, please contact our offices. We have several options available.

Caring, Experienced Surrogacy Lawyers in Colorado, Oklahoma & New York*

Depending on your goals and needs, you can find knowledgeable guidance combined with caring support when you work with our surrogacy lawyers. We recommend involving us as early as possible, so we can devise a strategy and plan that suits you.

Call (303) 756-4673 for the experienced surrogacy help you need.

*The New York statute governing surrogacy goes into effect in the State of New York 2/1/2021 and will only be available for New York residents.

Clients Share Their Stories

    “She's gone above and beyond other surrogacy attorneys I've worked with.”

    - Former Client

    “She knew exactly what to do.”

    - Former Client

    “Excellent attorney with a great deal of knowledge in adoptions and surrogacy.”

    - Attorney Recommendation

    “Virginia is easy to communicate with and has a number of resources and compassion she offers her clients.”

    - Former Client

    “We cannot imagine life without the blessings we’ve had in the last 7 months.”

    - The T Family in Denver

    “Virginia and her staff were beyond EXCELLENT!!”

    - Former Client


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